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Minneapolis, Minnesota – Equality in the Heartland

By Brianna Nelson, Communications Associate | Just one week ago the Minnesota senate passed marriage equality, and Governor Dayton signed the measure into law, making Minnesota the 12th state where all citizens can enjoy full and equal marriage rights. Out & Equal is overjoyed for Minnesotans. We’ve had faith in their equality movement since long before the moment we chose to host the 2013 Out & Equal Workplace Summit in Minneapolis. We are thrilled to continue advancing LGBT equality together at the Workplace Summit, October 29-31.

Get to Know Minneapolis 

It’s not just for Mary Tyler Moore – Ellen Degeneres visiting the Mary Tyler Moore statue in downtown Minneapolis.

It’s not just for Mary Tyler Moore – Ellen Degeneres visiting the Mary Tyler Moore statue in downtown Minneapolis.

Now that Minnesota’s in the spotlight for their equal rights efforts and successes, why not take a minute to get to know the great city of Minneapolis a little bit better. There’s no time like the present to register for Summit (ultra early bird rates are still available!) and start your trip planning.

Minneapolis is not only a cultural hub of the US Midwest but also of the entire country. It houses countless art museums, including the Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Minneapolis is second only to New York City in live theater per capita. (Recording artist Prince studied at the Minnesota Dance Theatre. And, more recently, Minneapolis has been home to the burgeoning Midwestern spoken word and hip hop scene.) The metropolis is certainly deserving of its nickname “The Minne Apple”.

If you’d rather be on the bleachers than in the museum, Minnesota boasts teams in all four professional leagues – Twins (MLB), Timberwolves (NBA), Vikings (NFL), and the Minnesota Wild (NHL). For our lucky Workplace Summit travelers, the US football season will be well underway, and hockey season as well as NBA regular season will just be starting – Who knows, perhaps you could catch a ga(y)me featuring the next out professional athlete.

Of course, before you can be on the bleachers, you have to get to the game. There’s no shortage of public transit options in this city – with your choices ranging from light rail to bike trail, commuter rail to cab hail. However, if you’re staying downtown (like Out & Equal for the Workplace Summit at the Minneapolis Convention Center), the chances of needing to do more than walk across the street – by crosswalk or skywalk – are slim. Walk Score ranks Minneapolis the ninth most walkable city in the United States.

You’ve been waiting to hear about the gayborhood? I thought you knew, this whole town’s been painted purple. In 2011, the Advocate announced Minneapolis the number one gayest city in America. For further reading, check out these LGBT Minneapolis guides – Autostraddle’s Queer City Guide, the official Diverse Minneapolis guide, or get the insider’s view with Lavender Magazine.

Please visit Out & Equal’s website for more information about the opportunities available at the 2013 Workplace Summit, October 29-31. P.S. Corporate partnerships available.



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