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Creating A True Rainbow in LGBT ERGs – A Town Call Conversation

The Out & Equal Town Call series features guest speakers presenting on current LGBT topics via monthly one hour webinars. They also provide in-depth information on major Out & Equal programs such as the annual Workplace Summit. Each session includes a presentation or discussion on issues faced by LGBT employees, polices, benefits, trends or breaking news. The Town Calls are designed to further the knowledge and tools for Employee/Business Resource Group members, HR Professionals, and Executives as well as meeting the needs of busy working professionals, federal, and non-profit employees. These calls are recorded and can be used at LGBT events and meetings for training within your organization.

Creating a True Rainbow in LGBT ERGs

Originally held February 28th, this Town Call offered a dynamic and interactive exploration of the inclusiveness of our ERGs for People of Color.  We discussed ways to better understand the experiences of LGBT employees who are often underrepresented in many workplaces.  We explored how bias is built into decision-making, and how it often creates blind spots in output and program planning.  Leaders of color – Robin Terrell, JD, MBA; Rosalyn Taylor O’Neale, Principal Consultant at Cook Ross, Inc.; and Kirsten E Macpherson, Project Manager at Boeing – moderated and lead the conversation. With them, we explored how our ERGs can become more inclusive, how to better collaborate with other ERGs within our organizations, and how to look at the role that ERGs can play in the creation of inclusive workplaces.

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