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Out & Equal at Creating Change

Out & Equal sent three representatives to the 25th Creating Change Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, this year. (And it sounds like they all want to sign up for next year, too.) Here’s what they have to say about connecting with people who share the same passion for equality, witnessing LGBTQ youth in action, and presenting what they’ve learned throughout their own involvement with the LGBTQ equality movement:

Dani&Q - 1

Dani Siragusa and Q Wilson running the Out & Equal booth at Creating Change

Last week I was fortunate enough to finally attend the Creating Change Conference. I was excited to experience not only a conference comparable in size to the Out & Equal Workplace Summit, but also addressing relevant LGBTQ issues and topics. I was immediately touched by the large number of LGBTQ youth in attendance. Their enthusiasm and activism is such a wonderful insight into where the movement is headed. I was also inspired by the wide variety of attendees from the community and how inclusive the conference is. As a bisexual female, I was happy to have the Bisexual Hospitality suite available as a space to either connect with others or just a relax or work between events. I moderated my first panel on behalf of Out & Equal on Getting Corporate Partners: How the Business of Change Supports LGBT Efforts, which was an introductory level workshop focusing on how LGBT nonprofits can connect with and create lasting partnerships with corporations. I was joined by panelists Chip Newton from Deloitte and Kris Christy from Turner Broadcasting System. The class was incredibly engaged and eager to learn more about how Out & Equal has been so successful with connecting and retaining corporate partnerships. I would definitely recommend this conference to anyone wanting to learn more about any LGBTQ issues. Whether you are an activist, educator or just curious, Creating Change offers the resources and space for your needs.
Dani Siragusa, Associate Director of Events

This was my third Creating Change and I enjoyed the experience this time just as much as I did the first. The energy and intensity of the participants runs high over Creating Change’s five day run. The diversity of age of the attendants is always an amazing thing to me. With over 350 workshops there was something of interest to me in each session. One of the things I enjoy most about Creating Change is the opportunity to network with people and organizations I don’t normally get the chance to network with. I met so many people while working the Out & Equal booth, presenting my workshop, and attending various sessions.  I’m truly looking forward to collaborating with all the talented new people I met! Congratulations on 25 wonderful years of Creating Change. I can’t wait to see what the next 25 have in store!
Q Wilson, Senior Training Associate

Out & Equal Founding Executive Director Selisse Berry with Task Force Executive Director Rea Carey and her partner Margaret Conway

Out & Equal CEO Selisse Berry with Task Force Executive Director Rea Carey and her partner Margaret Conway

Creating Change was an inspiring opportunity to share ideas with other lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights advocates. I joined Executive Directors from a range of LGBT advocacy organizations for a one day intensive program, and participated in an important discussion on how we can work together to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic in our lifetime! It was a powerful couple of days. I continued the conversation with the Out & Equal Atlanta Regional Affiliate that evening, and we spoke about the great opportunities this year to advance LGBT workplace equality following President Obama’s inaugural address, and his speech to Creating Change.
Selisse Berry, Out & Equal CEO


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