Posted by: outandequal | December 13, 2012

Tis’ the Season for Giving


The Out & Equal team is so grateful for your support, and we thank you for your continuous generosity. As we look forward to next year, there is much optimism, but also much to do. And just like any other well-run non-profit, we need a diverse portfolio of investors ready to play their part in our success.

Your personal support will help us expand LGBT freedoms worldwide as we embark on global programs; it will provide the resources we need to do a better job of serving ERGs and regional affiliates; it will mean that when ENDA passes we’ll be sprinting on the track – delivering the needed services – not fumbling with our shoelaces in the locker room; and it will mean that we can expand our scholarship program so that our next generation of emerging leaders can engage with you at Summit.

handThose of you who made it to Summit will remember the energy and enthusiasm we all felt as Renee Brown beautifully expressed what was in our hearts and gave voice to what we all know: this work matters. For those of you who could not make it this year, hear her words and ask yourself, “what is workplace equality worth to me and for those who still suffer.”

As we contemplate the new-year it’s time to pause and reflect that next year our brothers and sisters in parts of Africa will face increased discrimination and state-sanctioned violence. Here in the US, many of us will be legally wed, but may not be able to tell the boss. At your own office party someone you know may still be suffering in the closet.

Your gift of any amount will help us continue our work to ensure that next year we increase Freedom’s borders in the workplace, where we spend most of our waking lives.

Did you know your employer may match your contribution? Find out if your employer participates in a matching gift program. Your donation is still deductible to the fullest extent, permissible by law, but the charitable tax deduction is under threat in 2013.




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