Posted by: outandequal | December 6, 2012

From the Roots – Local Law and the Equality Movement

By Brianna Nelson | The Movement Advancement Project (MAP) recently announced key updates to their Equality Maps, reflecting rights extended to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT)  individuals as well as non-discrimination protection provided throughout the United States. Previously these Equality Maps only reflected state-level law, but they now more accurately represent the geography of local sexual orientation and gender identity inclusiveness. In their release message to the public, MAP wrote:

Not only have we updated our maps to reflect the recent victories extending the freedom to marry in Maine, Maryland and Washington, but we also are excited to share that we’ve added a map and topic page showing the extent to which cities and counties have passed local non-discrimination ordinances prohibiting private employment discrimination based on sexual orientation and/or gender identity and expression… it shows not only the cities and counties with these ordinances, but it also shows the percent of the state’s population living in these cities and counties.

Along with the Human Rights Campaign’s unveiling of the Municipal Equality Index, these updated Equality Maps provide an invaluable resource for those working toward full inclusiveness in anti-discrimination policy. Local governments can compare their own equality movement with those of other cities in their state as well as with cities, demographically similar to them, across the United States.


Click the image to access the interactive version of the map.

As each city’s commitment to the LGBT equality movement leads us closer to widespread state-level policies of inclusivity and non-discrimination, each state’s commitment to equality and inclusiveness leads us closer to federal action. And acknowledgement and care for the LGBT equality movement in local communities around the world will lead to the branching and budding of a firmly rooted global commitment to equality for the LGBT community.

To get involved on a local level contact an Out & Equal Regional Affiliate in your area.



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