Posted by: outandequal | November 21, 2012

Giving Thanks

We would like to share with you a message from our Founding Executive Director Selisse Berry and the entire Out & Equal team:

Family means many different things to different people. For some it is a mantle of responsibility, for others it is a network of friends new and old. At Out & Equal, we are proud to have you as part of our extended family.

And it takes a family–as strong as our own–to persevere through the adversity and obstacles that stand in the way of a safe and equitable workplace for every lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender person in the world.

Our hearts are full of gratitude for the contributions you have made over this past year to advance workplace equality for the LGBT community, and we are full of hope for a bountiful harvest of new LGBT workplace protections over the coming year. We hope you will continue to join in our efforts.

Today, we give thanks to you.



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