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Focus on Transgender Topics at the 2012 Out & Equal Workplace Summit

Vladi Luxuria, Former MP, Italy

by Brianna Nelson | We’re so excited to welcome Vladi Luxuria back to an Out & Equal event. She was one of our keynote speakers at the Out & Equal Global Summit this past July, and she’ll be joining us again in Baltimore as a plenary speaker.

Vladi Luxuria is an Italian actress, writer, politician and television presenter. She was the first openly transgender member of Parliament in Europe, and the world’s second openly transgender MP after New Zealander Georgina Beyer. You can watch her Global Summit address here.

This year you’ll find even more opportunities to learn about, discuss and share issues and interests specific to the Transgender Community. Take a look at what we’re offering:

Leadership Seminar:

Transgender Awareness & Inclusion: Getting There from Wherever You Are Now
with Jamison Green and Ann Dunkin
Monday, October 29, 9AM-5PM
The recent inclusion of Transgender Healthcare benefits in the HRC Corporate Equality Index (CEI) has increased focus on Transgender Inclusion across Corporate America. Whether you’re making sure you maintain your 100% of the CEI or just beginning the journey towards Transgender Inclusion, this seminar will help you and your organization take your next step.

Be sure to register for this Leadership Seminar (or others) here.

Featured Panel:

Allies and Transgender Employees:  Supporting Transition
Tuesday, October 30
Sponsored by Intuit
Organized by Out & Equal Transgender Advisory Committee
A successful transition at work requires planning, education, and a tremendous amount of courage. The support of allies is critical to the experience of everyone whom the process touches, but most especially for the employee at the center of it all. This panel explores the role of ally from the perspective of managers who provided support to employees during their transition at work.


Helping ERGs Embrace the B and T
This workshop, facilitated by a bisexual and a transgender woman, will include a forum to share ways to make your ERG more inclusive of sexual and gender diversity while helping to build equality. Greater ERG diversity can help your company attract and retain top talent.

Transgender Benefits the Business Case, Benefit Design and Implementation
Transgender Benefits is becoming a critical part of workplace equality and is recognized in the new HRC CEI ratings. This workshop will provide senior management and HR professionals a real world example of a public company, Accenture, which has had success in implementing full transgender benefits.

Transition Guideline Development: Revisited One Year Later
Since presenting the Gender Transition Guidelines at Johnson & Johnson, the business case for this document has intensified. We will investigate what parts of the plan worked and what parts have not, what has changed as a result of an influx of transgender employees and how we worked to accommodate multiple transitions, each with different factors playing into their employment and decisions to move forward with becoming their authentic selves in the workplace.

Representing the Voiceless: Bringing Transgender Education to the Workplace
Mercer’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Ally Network share their approach on how they advocated, represented and spoke for the transgender community internally and externally, despite having any active transgender members. Explore how a network can effectively create communications, public education and partnership with the transgender community to create a culture of inclusion and equality in the workforce.

Transgender Insurance Task Force: Report from the Front Line
To help companies achieve transgender-inclusive healthcare benefits, the HRC Workplace Project joined forces with Jamison Green & Associates to engage insurance company representatives to revise the insurance products that are available to employers who want to offer transgender-inclusive healthcare benefits to their employees. Learn about the findings in the field, and what employers can reasonably expect their carriers to provide next year and in the future.

Building Transgender Cultural Competence in the Culturally Diverse Organization
Drawing on her experience as the lead educator on transgender issues at the largest LGBT civil rights organization in the U.S., Allyson Robinson will lay out a training framework organized around principles of cultural competence. Participants will learn how to employ a shared “culture of gender” to overcome other cultural barriers and build truly inclusive organizations.

Strategies to Gain Support for Transgender Healthcare and Tax Equality
Participants will learn how to strategically advocate for benefit equality in the workplace, specifically through the use of Affinity Groups and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Co-Chairs of Yale’s LGBTQ Affinity Group will describe their processes and lessons learned in successfully garnering support for benefit equality at Yale.

Visit past blogs or the web home for everything Summit for a comprehensive list of the 2012 workshops.

Can’t wait until Summit to start thinking and talking about these issues? Great! Here’s a helpful infographic from our Department of Training and Professional Development to start the conversation. Click the photo to enlarge.

P. S. Before you fly home from Summit, congratulate Baltimore for pushing and approving transgender rights legislation earlier this year. The legislation was backed by Ben Jealous, NAACP President, who will be a keynote speaker at this year’s Out & Equal Workplace Summit. And remember to wish everyone a Happy Transgender Parents’ Day, which Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake recently proclaimed would be celebrated the first Sunday of each November!

Register today for the 2012 Out & Equal Workplace Summit, October 29 through November 1. See you there.



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