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Focus on People of Color at the 2012 Workplace Summit

Out & Equal strives to provide resources and content to our diverse constituencies. We’ve put together programming for the 2012 Out & Equal Workplace Summit to speak to our commitment.

Featured Speakers:

Benjamin Todd Jealous

Benjamin Todd Jealous, President of the NAACP, has  just confirmed as a keynote speaker on Wednesday, October 31.  A Rhodes Scholar, he is a graduate of Columbia and Oxford University, the past president of the Rosenberg Foundation and served as the founding director of Amnesty International’s US Human Rights Program. As President of the NAACP, he has opened national programs on education, health, and environmental justice. He has also greatly increased the organization’s capacity to work on issues related to the economy and register and mobilize voters.

Tiffany Dufu

Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour
The Women’s Leadership Breakfast (Wed, Oct. 31) featured speaker is Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour. Vernice was the United States’ first African-American female combat pilot. An out lesbian, she was an active advocate for the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, and currently works as a motivational speaker for organizations and individuals.

Beth Brooke will be joining us Wednesday, October 31, at the Workplace Summit. Beth Brooke is Global Vice Chair – Public Policy at Ernst & Young. In conversation with Beth Brooke will be Tiffany Dufu. As President of The White House Project, Tiffany is moving forward as a positive force, igniting the leadership of women in both business and politics. In June 2012, Tiffany Dufu was selected as a member of Fast Company’s League of Extraordinary Women, amongst luminaries such as Oprah Winfrey and Hillary Clinton.

Featured Panel:

Intersections of Race, Ethnicity, Orientation and Identity
Sponsored by Citi
Organized by Out & Equal People of Color Advisory Committee

Important voices on identity and inclusion, engage in a  dialogue on the  intersections on sexual orientation, gender identity and racial identity.  Together, they explore questions about the challenges and opportunities that individuals face in navigating their experience at work through the different facets of their identity.

Workshops of Interest:

Creating Connections finding the “Like Me” across multicultural ERG’s
This workshop shares a best practice of working with other types of ERGs (e.g. ERGs based on ethnicity or gender) to impact change.  The “Like Me” panel representatives, from the different DuPont ERGs, share what it is like to be a member of their affinity group and help identify common ground.

A Broader Diversity Story: Strategies for Connecting with other ERGs
Explore opportunities for collaboration with other ERGs using Deloitte’s Greater Washington Area BRG as a “case study.” We will discuss how to find common goals with other diverse groups and how to leverage resources allocated to diversity efforts in order to tell a broader story about diversity.

Where are They? Reaching out to LGBT Employees of Color
LGBT people of color face unique challenges in moving into corporate management and leadership roles because of multiple layers of cultural, societal and historical discrimination. This session will examine some of the reasons why many LGBT people of color choose not to come out, the ways this may affect both their careers and the success of the organization, and actionable ways employers and coworkers can help make the workplace safer to be out as an LGBT person of color.

Click here to see all of the workshops by session.

The Summit Experience in Baltimore:

Also, don’t forget that Baltimore has quite a history of POC advocacy work and activism for equality. Providing a home for everything from Underground Railroad stops to the Baltimore Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the city’s organizations and residents work to support POC communities. While you’re there consider stopping by the Reginald F. Lewis Museum or visiting Langston Hughes at the National Great Blacks in Wax Museum.
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