Posted by: outandequal | September 13, 2012

Selisse Berry on Global LGBT Workplace Equality


Selisse Berry, Out & Equal Founding Executive Director, and Ruben Sandoval, CEO, 2nd International Expo & Business LGBT

Out & Equal Founding Executive Director Selisse Berry presented a keynote address last week during the the Second International Expo & Business LGBT event in Cancun, Mexico.

Selisse discussed the importance of reaching out globally to bring changes to the workplace. “Something as basic as an invitation to a work function takes on a whole different hue if a person is not out about their sexual orientation with everyone they work with. This can cause real issues,” said Selisse. “Workplace equality is an area where there is still much to be done in Mexico, and across Latin America.”

“LGBT workers everywhere face complex and diverse issues that relate to their sexual orientation and gender identity. No one, regardless of where they live, should ever have to choose between a career they love and living their lives with authenticity and integrity.”

Out & Equal’s work started in North America and has expanded steadily in recent years to include new regions of the world, including Europe, where
Out & Equal recently hosted the Global Workplace Summit.

Hear Selisse speak at the 2012 Out & Equal Workplace Summit!



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