Posted by: outandequal | July 12, 2012

Where in the World is Director of Training, Pat Baillie? Scotland!

Pat Baillie, Out & Equal Director of Training & Professional Development, will be contributing to the Out & Equal blog while she is on the road for a month, traveling and training. Pat was in London for the Global LGBT Workplace Summit, which took place July 5 & 6, 2012, and now is in Scotland.

Pat at the faerie glen

The rain continues and so do we! We stopped briefly at St. Andrews and a putting green called the Himilayas that used to be the Ladies Putting Green! We played a quick 9 holes just to say we did. It is interesting to see the sexism over here–the putting green being separate from the men’s course, and I haven’t seen a single recruiting poster for women into the military. Very different perspective!

We are modifying some of our plans due to the weather, but still seeing incredible sites. We saw the castle they used in the movie Highlander, and made our way to Inverness. As we head north, it stays light until almost midnight. We had a great dinner and then wandered over to a pub called Hootenanny, which played Sottish music and was packed.

We headed off to the Isle of Skye and started sharing the road with sheep and goats! We did find a most beautiful faerie glen, and the sun! No sign of LGBT life up here, but every day it seems as though we talk to someone who wants to tell us their story (which sounds like their coming out story in a very subtle way), and how much they want to get to the states! More sun tomorrow we hope! – Pat



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