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Out & Equal Training Video: Bisexuality

Back in April, we published a blog by Out & Equal Associate Director of Events, Dani Siragusa, titled The Sometimes Invisible B in LGBT. It recounted Dani’s own experience as being out as bisexual in the workplace.

We’ve taken Dani’s story and created a short video that addresses the challenges of  being out as bisexual in the workplace. Dani shares her story, and Pat Baillie, Director of Training and Professional Development at Out & Equal, discusses some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding bisexuality.

We will bringing you more videos from the Training Department in the future. We hope you enjoy the series!



  1. Lots of issues with bisexuality- all based on misunderstanding & fears. To me, I ascribe to the sexual continuum idea sort of put forth by Kinsey. Some are hetero fully & forever, some are fully gay, some are bi, some are fluid & will ID differently throughout their lives. This is the group that a lot of folks fear because they just don’t understand it- therefore, it makes them question their own ID (repression). Fear tends to breed hate & discrimination based on it. In a nutshell & imho.

    Dani, you’re a very brave woman & I applaud you standing up & pushing this issue at your work place. Things are changing slowly & it’s truly unfortunate that even in 2012, it is not always safe to divulge (come out) in a work place.

    The catch-22 is that unless LGBT people do show their “face” to the world, no one will ever know us- other than via the sensationalized press coverage of drag queens & fringe groups (ala Pride parade denizens). However, because that is the only representation shown, the fear/hostility it instils perpetuates the work place environment that is unsafe to “come out” in…sigh

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