Posted by: outandequal | April 12, 2012

Our country should never be in the business of funding discriminatory workplaces

Out & Equal Workplace Advocates is deeply disappointed with President Obama’s decision to not sign an executive order at this time which would have required federal contractors to have non-discrimination policies in place. By not taking decisive action on this issue, President Obama is sending a message to government contractors that they can continue to discriminate against their lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender employees without repercussions. Our country should never be in the business of funding discriminatory workplaces.

“This is a lost opportunity to extend protections to LGBT people across our nation who work in the wide range of industries that accept federal contracts,” commented Selisse Berry, founding executive director of Out & Equal. “We urge the President to take action on this important measure as soon as possible. Each day that goes by without this executive order is another day when LGBT people must continue to bear the burden of discrimination at work.”



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