Posted by: outandequal | March 1, 2012

Total Engagement with the Business of Change – Should Businesses Really Care About the “Gay Marriage” Debate?

Stan Kimer

by Stan Kimer, Business of Change guest blogger

Should businesses really care about the “gay marriage” debate?  Isn’t a personal type of matter like this irrelevant to business?  Shouldn’t businesses simply stay out of this discussion?  This is currently a hot topic in my state, North Carolina, which has an anti-gay marriage amendment on our May, 2012 ballot.

My reply – Businesses should absolutely care and be involved, and I believe there is compelling logic to support this.
Right now across the US, the state landscape varies widely, from:

  • The states that have full same-gender marriage to
  • those that provide for a civil equivalent to
  • those that say nothing on this issue to
  • those that have a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage
  • and finally to worst case of those states that have a constitutional amendment banning any form of relationship recognition accept a one man-one woman marriage.

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