Posted by: outandequal | February 22, 2012

Your Civic Duty Awaits!

Stanley Ellicott, Communications Project Manager

by Stanley Ellicott | Preparations for the 2012 Election are beginning to pick up steam. Over the last several weeks, Republican primaries have unfolded across the country, building momentum toward the Republican National Convention in late August. From this event a Republican presidential candidate should emerge to challenge President Obama’s run for a second term.

Here at Out & Equal, we encourage you to become civically engaged and be a part of the political dialogue in your country and hometown. No matter what color your stripes, learn the issues and play an active role in shaping the future of LGBT policy. To learn more about US LGBT political organizations, see below for a short-list representing the diversity of viewpoints:

LGBT Republicans are represented by the Log Cabin Republicans,

For the nation’s largest LGBT democratic club, look to the Stonewall Democrats for news and political commentary:

If you walk to the beat of ecology, social justice grassroots democracy and non-violence, check out the National Green Party:

Individual liberty and personal responsibility are the key tenements of Libertarianism. Outright Libertarians represent these values for those who love differently:

Smaller political groups do not maintain as robust of an organized presence on the internet, but the Independent Political Report provides punditry and breaking news for a handful of so-called third parties, including Independents, Socialists, and Constitutionalists:



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