Posted by: outandequal | January 10, 2012

Total Engagement with the Business of Change – Business and Government Collaboration

Stan Kimer

A Business of Change guest blog, by Stan Kimer | In last month’s blog, I wrote about we can have an impact globally through our business ventures, whether we work in large multi-national corporations or have the flexibility to make an impact as small entrepreneurs.  In this blog I would like to continue that theme and discuss how business can additionally impact LGBT equality globally via collaborating with government.

Last month, the global LGBT community was thrilled and energized by the superb “Human Rights Day” Speech that United States Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton delivered to a UN delegation in Geneva, Switzerland on December 4th.  She began by summarizing the advances in the past 60 years of rights for women, races and religious minorities.  And then she quickly identified one of the last groups often harshly oppressed in many countries around the world – the LGBT community.

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