Posted by: outandequal | November 28, 2011

Must-see video advocating for marriage equality

A commercial released by GetUp!, an Australian advocacy group, features a clever short clip advocating for marriage equality. The clip is shot from a first-person perspective and takes the viewer through beautiful and difficult times with a handsome guy. Years seem to pass – vacation on the beach, moving in together, supporting each other through hard times, and then a proposal.  The clip ends with marriage, and the camera angle switches so that the viewer discovers that the couple is same-sex. The message of the ad is clear – marriage is a basic human right that legalizes the love and lifelong commitment of same-sex couples.



  1. I’ve personally signed every single letter to all parties & reps about this issue…I am not intending to marry- but I want this equality because it is right.

    Good on ya for putting it in your blog!

    Cheers from downunder,



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