Posted by: outandequal | November 22, 2011

HIV/AIDS: Business Impact and Global Changes Town Call

Join us this month as we  look to the future of HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. Since 1988, World AIDS Day on December 1 is set aside to remember those who we have lost to HIV/AIDS and to re-focus on the next steps toward controlling and eliminating HIV/AIDS.

This year, we use our December Town Call to take a look at the global steps being taken and consider how we explain the business case when talking about HIV/AIDS employees.  Hear from the top policy leaders and those who work day to day to ensure that workplace equality includes all of us!

Treatments have improved and many employees are living long, productive lives and staying in the workforce. For many, the treatments are expensive and not available on a global basis, so companies look for ways to encourage prevention, early treatment and support for those who test positive.

More and more employees are remaining in the workplace.  Corporations are looking at the next steps to ensure protections and accommodations for their employees.

New emphases on the global crisis include US policies to prevent the growth of HIV/AIDS and work to provide support around the world. There are also standards on the global and national level that provide for HIV/AIDS employees.



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