Posted by: outandequal | November 2, 2011

Attack on Texas Man Reminds Us of the Work Still to Do for the LGBT Community

The 2011 Out & Equal Workplace Summit brought 2600 lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and allied employees together for a week of education and celebration.  Embraced by the local Dallas community and surrounded by so many colleagues working for the dignity and equality of all employees,  we returned to our workplaces with renewed energy and optimism for the work ahead.  Sadly, we were reminded only a few days later of the importance of the work still facing our community.

On October 31st,  the Dallas Voice reported that a young gay man was stabbed and burned just 100 miles away – in Reno, Texas – from where we had been celebrating our progress just the week prior.  Our heart goes out to Burke Burnett and his friends – we wish him a speedy recovery – physical and emotional — from the attack.  We want him to know that the 2600 people at the Out & Equal Workplace Summit are committed to workplaces – and a world – safe for all of us.



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