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Transgender Programming & Special Discount at the Out & Equal Workplace Summit

Transgender Sessions Discount – Thursday, October 27
Out & Equal has created a single-day registration for interested members of the local transgender community to attend Thursday workshops, the afternoon plenary session and a transgender town hall and networking reception (3:30 pm). All  for a deeply discounted rate of $30.

Interested in receiving this discount? Contact Kevin Jones at to receive a discount code.

Thursday  Workshops
Participants will have access to two workshop sessions, the plenary session featuring Founding Executive Director of Out & Equal, Selisse Berry, Mike Ullman (CEO of JCPenney), and Donna Brazile (CNN Correspondent), and the transgender town hall discussion and reception. Each session will include approximately 24 workshops on a wide range of topics, including several specific to the transgender community–see below for descriptions.

Session 5  (8:30 am – 10:00 am )

Transgender Benefits: the Business Case, Benefit Design and Implementation
Fiona Grant, KellyJeanne Pyne, Denise Norris, Vishal Singh
Transgender benefits are becoming a critical part of workplace equality and are recognized in the new HRC CEI ratings. This workshop will provide senior management and HR professionals a real world example of a public company which has had success in implementing full transgender benefits. Accenture presenters will highlight the business case for adding transgender benefits, and discuss how Accenture designed and implemented the program, including lessons learned along the way and invaluable involvement of transgender employees. This will be an interactive discussion for organizations researching, implementing, or with existing transgender benefits.

The Role that Workplace Equality Plays in the Lives of Transgender Individuals
An overview of transgenderism, transition options a transsexual may access, and socioeconomic issues faced by transsexuals. The role of workplace equality is discussed as a factor in addressing these issues. Creation of an inclusive workplace is discussed, as well as personal experience in the context of workplace assistance.

Transition Guideline Development: Putting Policy into Practice
Ms. Erica M Deuso
In a country where more and more companies are recognizing that discrimination against transgender employees is simply bad business, and more states are enacting statutes against workplace discrimination of transgender individuals, it is important to develop a comprehensive Gender Transition Guideline for those who will be undertaking this change.  This inclusive document stands as a living script that aides not only the transitioning employee, but also the human resources professionals, supervisors, co-workers, support staff and others involved in creating a understanding and accepting workplace, with the minimum of workplace distraction.  The most important thing to remember is that when an employee decides to transition at work, the business transitions with the employee.

Session 6 (10:30 am – 12:00 pm)

Bringing the T to the ERG: Advocating for a Transgender Inclusive Workplace
Kristina Wertz, Esq; Masen Davis, MSW
Are you ready to prioritize transgender issues in your Employee Resource Group?  Is your ERG in a position to improve the experience of your transgender coworkers? Come learn about challenges and opportunities facing transgender people in the workplace, strategies to support transgender employment, and ways to advocate for good policies and practices in your company.  From health benefits to restroom access, we’ll tackle some of the most pressing issues your ERG can take on.

Everyone Transitions along with an Employee: Boeing’s Approach to the Intersection of Work and Situation
Michelle Smith, Debbie Smith, Connie Summers
This workshop looks at the public nature of gender transitions and how the interactions of the transitioning employee at work, in the community, with customers, and with family influence are reflected in the workplace.  We will also show how Boeing’s transgender guidelines provide an environment in which negative influences are managed to minimize both the stress on the transitioning employee and the impact on productivity.

The Business Case for Transgender-Inclusive Health Benefits
Ms. Rebecca J. Solomon, J.D., LL.M.
There is an increasing consensus in the established medical community and beyond that transgender-related health care is “medically necessary” care. However, in employer-provided health benefit plans, the specific exclusion of any medical benefit for transgender-related care is still widely prevalent, even among companies that have a transgender-inclusive non-discrimination policy. This workshop will focus on making the case to employers for the need to remove such exclusions from their health-benefit plans. Topics covered include: the gap between non-discrimination policy and practice; a cost analysis; employee recruitment, retention and productivity impacts; evolving diversity recognition standards; case studies; and best practices.

Transgender-Inclusive Healthcare Coverage: CEI 3.0 and Progress
Andre Wilson, MS, Jamison Green, Ph.D., Mrs. Maryellen Lammel, Deena Fidas, MA
This workshop is designed to help employers achieve fully-inclusive health insurance with respect to the Corporate Equality Index 3.0 criteria. Based on our experience with CEI-rated employers’ plans, we’ll share the results from the 2012 survey, walk through and take questions about tips and best practices, pitfalls to avoid and educational resources to address misconceptions about the viability of implementing the benefits. Additionally, we will hear from Alcoa on how they made the business case internally to achieve this coverage.
* Give participants a clear picture of the interaction of the employers with insurance administrators, including medical policy
* Give participants tools to effectively advocate for inclusive benefits at their own companies, either as benefits managers or interested employees
* Ensure participants understand the goals of the CEI 3.0 criteria with respect to transgender-inclusive benefits.



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