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Bi Workshops & Plenary Session Discount

Bi Sessions Discount – Wednesday, October 26
Out & Equal has created a single day registration for interested members of the local bisexual community to attend the summit on Wednesday, October 26. This includes the breakfast plenary and two sessions of workshops, including featured panels.  This is intended as an opportunity for people who live locally but would not otherwise be able to attend the Summit to participate. The special discounted registration fee is $30.

Interested in receiving this discount? Contact Kevin Jones at to receive a discount code.

Wednesday Featured Panels

Our Community in Film Series – Understanding Bisexuality through Film: “The Bisexual Revolution” (La Bisexualité: Tout Un Art)
Session 3 (11:00 AM – 12:30 PM)
“The Bisexual Revolution” (60 minutes), a French documentary provides an International perspective on bisexuality and current cultural issues. This will be followed by a brief Q&A session moderated by Denise Penn MSW, who appears in the film. This fascinating documentary, featuring John Cameron Mitchell and French pop star Yelle, explores and uncovers the history and modern-day perceptions of this often misunderstood culture.

Bisexuality in Our Cultures and Our Lives: A Panel of Experts
Session 4 (3:00 pm – 4:30 pm)
Robyn Ochs;  Heidi Bruins Green; Brent Chamberlain; Ellyn Ruthstrom; Denise Penn;  Marie Hartung
This workshop builds on a popular session in 2010 which showcased luminaries of the bisexual community and bisexual scholarship. Panelists will discuss the state of the bisexual movement and the influences on it from the workplace and popular culture.  We will also discuss the company policies and programs that signal a bi-welcoming organization, as well as the concerns that bisexuals and the bisexual community bring to the conversation on LGBT issues.  Topics such as the differences and similarities between LG people and B people, what trans people and bi people have in common, bisexuality vs. mono-sexuality, and the growing visibility of bisexuality in the media.  That’s just a hint about the level of conversation in this session.  Plan your Summit around attending this workshop!

Wednesday Workshops
Each session will include 24 workshops on a wide range of topics, including several (listed below) specific to the bisexual community.

Session 3 (11:00 AM – 12:30 PM)

Bisexuality 101 & Beyond
Luigi Ferrer
This workshop will provide a basic introduction to the topic of bisexuality, review elements of human sexual identity development and several sexual orientation models, and provide a safe spaces for participants to discuss bisexuality and common myths and misconceptions about bisexuality and how these issues impact the workplace and personal life. Come to this workshop if you are a gay, lesbian, trans or straight ally seeking a better understanding of bisexuality and how to be an ally, or if you are bisexual, bi-curious or questioning, seeking to connect with other bi, bi-curious, questioning and supportive people. Bring your questions and share your experience.

Global Survey Data Revealed
Heidi Bruins Green, MBA; Nick Payne, PhD
Join us for an exciting workshop where we finally have answers to all those questions about bisexuality: Does it exist?  What is it exactly?  How many bisexuals are there?  Can you tell who is one?  Is there really anything different to know about bisexuals than about gay men or lesbians, at least when bisexuals are in same sex relationships?  Why don’t we have any (or many) in our ERGs?  Why should I care about bisexuals and bisexuality?



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