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12 Rules of Effective Networking – Free, Live Webinar October 5

Sandy Jones-Kaminski

Being a strong networker can mean the difference between getting a great job offer and remaining unemployed. On the job, your network can help you stay employed when the lay-off cycle comes around.

Join us on October 5  for “12 Rules of Effective Networking,” a free, live webinar brought to you by Out & Equal’s LGBTCareerLink, and hosted by UnitedHealth Group.

Our presenter for this webinar is Sandy Jones-Kaminski. Sandy presented this webinar for us last year. It filled to capacity right away and received outstanding survey results. Since then, LGBT employees have been asking for a command performance! We expect webinar registration to again fill to capacity, and is limited to the first 100 registrants. It’s not too early to register right away.

Webinar host UnitedHealth Group will be reaching out to LGBT employees during the webinar’s introduction to tell you about  challenging employment opportunities in the growing field of healthcare. We thank them for their generous donation which has made this professional development webinar complimentary.

See what last year’s attendees had this to say about Sandy:
“She breaks down networking, a process that used to mystify me, into practical steps.”

“Frankly, networkers turn me off with their pushiness. I prefer Sandy’s approach which shows how networking is actually sharing in the spirit of community service.”

“I’m not outgoing naturally and I often don’t know what to say to people I don’t know. Sandy changed all that for me.”

“I work for a high-profile company where people are always trying to network with me to get a job. They go about it the wrong way by being in it for themselves and even pestering me. I will be recommending Sandy’s “12 Rules” webinar to them!”

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  1. Hi, This looks like a fantastic event. We’d love to publicize it on our citywide events calendar for October unless you object.

    • Please do publicize it as everyone is welcome. By the way -love your website !


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