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Out & Equal’s Workplace Summit: Benefits for ERG Leaders, HR Professionals, and LGBT Executives

The Out & Equal Workplace Summit provides tools and resources specific to the leaders, members, and advisors of LGBT Employee Resource Groups (ERG), HR diversity and inclusive specialists, and LGBT executives.

Benefits for ERG Leaders
A significant number of workshops are presented to cover topics specific to the leadership, structure, strategies and success of ERGs. These topics range from membership engagement to community outreach to cross-affinity collaboration, and are among many targeted to provide ERG members with concrete benchmarks and strategies for improving the effectiveness of their groups.

Beyond the learning and professional development opportunities, the Summit provides the single best chance for building relationships with peers within and across industries that allow continued dialogue and learning over the course of the entire year.  Additionally, the experience of Summit participants — whether attending their first Summit or a long-time repeat attendee — is overwhelmingly affirming and energizing, with historic positive survey ratings continually above 90%.

It is important to note that, from an ERG membership/leadership perspective, the experience of attendees becomes more effective when shared with a critical mass of colleagues from their organization. The precise number varies depending on the size of the organization and the maturity of the ERG.

Benefits for HR/Diversity and Inclusive Professionals
Workshops and featured panel discussions highlight aspects of LGBT workplace equality of specific interest to the talent management community, from general education to policy development to changes in the legal framework affecting the LGBT employee community.  Senior HR executives and chief diversity officers participate in many aspects of the Summit, lending their expertise on specialized panels targeted specifically to their colleagues.  Workshops that range from introductory to advanced topics address the broad LGBT community as well as specific sub-populations relevant to the workforce experience including transgender, women, and communities of color.

In addition to the learning and networking opportunities provided by the Summit to talent management professionals, HR/Diversity representation at the Summit is also an important means for reinforcing personal and institutional support for LGBT employees, particularly with members of the organizations’ ERGs.

Benefits for LGBT Executives
The Out & Equal Workplace Summit provides a unique opportunity for senior executives–those from the LGBT community and others with positions in senior organizational leadership – to be visibly supportive of LGBT workplace equality.  For LGBT senior executives, in particular, the networking opportunities are another highlight of the Summit. Specific programs are designed to form an executive experience at the Summit, providing LGBT executives the chance to discuss their unique stories with peers as well as to provide visible leadership as role models to literally thousands of LGBT employees as members of featured panels and luncheon speakers.

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