Posted by: outandequal | June 28, 2011

World’s largest global LGBT survey

Out Now Consulting poll to include India for the first time

Out & Equal Workplace Advocates today announced their support for the world’s largest ever LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) research study – LGBT2020. This important collaboration takes place at a time when the LGBT2020 project – undertaken by global specialist agency Out Now Consulting – nearly doubles its global LGBT population reach with the inclusion of India.

The inclusion of India – which is home to up to 50 million gay and lesbian adults – now brings the number of countries in the LGBT2020 survey to 25, and will provide never before collected information into the working lives and experiences of LGBT people on the Indian sub-continent. The LGBT2020 research study will reveal attitudes towards workers and reveal just how people’s working environments in India are affected by their sexual orientation, gender identity, expression, or other characteristics.

The initial key findings of the research data from all 25 countries being tested regarding Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace are to be released by Out Now at the Out & Equal Workplace Summit taking place in Dallas from October 25-28 2011.

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