Posted by: outandequal | June 23, 2011

June Town Call on LGBT Self ID

Pat Baillie, Associate Director of Training

Implementing LGBT Self Identification programs in the workplace yield important data and metrics that are integral to achieving equality for the LGBT community.  Imagine my surprise when our new blog metrics indicated that my blog post on LGBT Self ID was a hit and had the most hits of our recent posts!

This flurry of blog activity has also been accompanied by a number of calls to Out & Equal’s office on Voluntary Self Identification.  In 2012, the Corporate Equality Index’s Organizational LGBT Competency score includes an LGBT Self ID requirement. Companies striving to maintain their 100% score on the CEI will have to meet this requirement, but many need guidance on best practices and implementation. Two options for meeting this new requirement include:

1: Anonymous employee engagement or climate surveys conducted on an annual or biennial basis that allow employees the option to identify as LGBT;

2: Update data collection forms that include employee race, ethnicity, gender, military and disability status — typically recorded as part of employee records — to include optional questions on sexual orientation and gender identity.

We have heard the trends, seen the need, and are prepared to arm you with more information in our upcoming Town Call. Our free Town Call series will be held on June 30 and is dedicated to LGBT Voluntary Self ID.  You can register for the call at  The call will also be recorded and available July 1.  Thanks for the feedback and keep those metrics coming!



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