Posted by: stepgould | June 10, 2011

Employee Resource Groups and PRIDE

Stephen Gould

Stephen Gould, Associate Director of NETWORKS!

by Stephen Gould | Today I had the great pleasure to kick off Pride month presenting the “ERG Value Proposition” to members of the ADP PRIDE group.  With one hundred participants from around the country, I was excited to see such enthusiasm in an ERG that is just barely one year old.  As June is underway, it reminds me that everywhere – not just San Francisco and New York City – we must show that we are proud in all aspects of our lives: our homes, our communities, our schools and our workplaces.  The business case for LGBT inclusion and support is an easy case to make, but when I get the opportunity to hear what ERGs are doing, I am reminded that there is a heart and soul to what we do.  There are individuals throughout companies who are personally invested in creating a better world – within their workplace and in our society as a whole.

On the call, we heard from their executive sponsor, Jan Siegmund, who shared both his story about being a role model and champion for ADP PRIDE, and his own excitement seeing their associates marching this year in the Salt Lake City Pride parade.  It reminded me that each Pride, it is easy to see corporate contingents marching their brands as target marketing gimmicks.  But when I see these marchers, I see the hundreds of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and straight employees who are proud of their employer and each other as friends and colleagues.  I also see the thousands of other people who are making change in their workplaces by showing their Pride throughout the year.  They are creating positive impact through their example and their daily efforts to move equality forward in the workplace – a movement that is often invisible in our society.   So I invite everyone to take a different look at these employee groups marching in Pride this year.  Celebrate all the successes they have to come out as a company in such a visible way – and know it’s just the beginning of many more achievements to come.

If your company or ERG is marching in a Pride parade, show that you are proud at work by wearing and distributing “I’m Out at Work” stickers.  To receive a packet of stickers, contact us at



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