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Out & Equal kicks off “Ally Empowerment” tour

Out & Equal recognizes that our straight allies are often our best resource when it comes to achieving workplace equality and inclusion for LGBT people in the workplace.  Yet all too often our LGBT workplace leaders don’t know how to get more allies involved, or how to even find them.  At the same time, many of our straight colleagues who want to be allies don’t know they are welcome – or how to get involved.

To help bridge that gap, Out & Equal developed the 2011 Ally Empowerment Tour with six of its regional affiliates, featuring the work of Dr. David M. Hall, author of “Allies at Work”.  The tour kicked off on April 25th in San Francisco at Genentech.  The format was both informative and interactive – with a 2-hour seminar (perfect for ERG leaders, diversity and human resource personnel and anyone wanting to become an LGBT ally at work) followed by a reception and presentation.  Everyone present in San Francisco will remember Dr. Hall “juggling” the steps to acceptance and inclusion.  The presentation and networking at this event makes for a great opportunity for executives and ERG leaders from all affinities to come together as colleagues committed to equality.

Christy Gaughan, co-chair for Genentech’s ERG (and Out & Equal San Francisco co-chair) said, “The importance for bringing our straight allies together and empowering them to their full potential is no less than the difference between success and failure for our movement towards full equality.”  Indeed, educating our allies and simply inviting them to our (fabulously appointed) table is the best thing we can do.  Join us!

Future cities will have a similar format, with guest speakers from Out & Equal leadership as well as executive sponsors and their stories.  Be sure to join us in a city near you!

Tour Dates and Cities

San Francisco, April 25, 2011

Dallas-Fort Worth – June 21, 2011 Registration now open 

Atlanta – June 23, 2011

Houston – July 26, 2011

Chicago – July 28, 2011

Southern California (Anaheim) – August 25, 2011



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