Posted by: outandequal | May 12, 2011

Thanks to Google for spreading the message, “It Gets Better”

by Pat Baillie | Last night, I was doing my weekly ritual of watching American Idol, the top rated Nielsen television show since 2003.  If you are a fan, you get it; if not, just know I was watching TV during Prime Time with a large audience.  Since I record most of my TV, I was getting ready to fast forward through the commercials when lo & behold I see a commercial with the It Gets Better message all over it!  As I watched, I smiled, looked to see that my housemates and partner were watching and sitting up a bit straighter.  Lady Gaga was also on the show and although she didn’t talk about LGBT issues, I am sure her presence increased the LGBT viewers. Here’s the ad:

If you ask my opinion as a consumer, it makes a difference to see LGBT positive messages in advertising.  If you ask my opinion as the Associate Director of Training at Out & Equal, this was an amazing step in highlighting the issues facing the LGBT community–and especially our youth–are facing.   The ad was sponsored by Google Chrome and I want to thank them for using American Idol to reach out and stand up for LGBT issues.  Many companies have been doing “It Gets Better” videos and this is a great opportunity to start the discussion of the workplace and LGBT employees.

Things like this ad really take steps to make it better and reduce the isolation our youth can experience.  What we can do for youth, no matter what our sexual orientation and gender identity is, is bring together LGBT and ally groups as we begin to focus on our Pride month celebrations!



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