Posted by: outandequal | April 21, 2011

Promoting employment for people with HIV/AIDS

From the Department of Labor April 14 newsletter:

Promoting Employment of People with HIV/AIDS

More than 50 experts and advocates joined Secretary Solis, Assistant Secretary of the Office of Disability Employment Policy Kathy Martinez and Jeff Crowley, director of the White House’s National AIDS Policy and senior advisor on disability policy, at the Labor Department’s HIV/AIDS employment roundtable last week. The event brought together a cross-section of federal and state government representatives, HIV/AIDS service providers, employers, disability employment advocates, and members of the HIV/AIDS community to discuss ways to improve employment for people living with HIV/AIDS.

This is a critical US and global issue and you can find out more about the current efforts by watching the Out & Equal Town Call podcast on HIV/AIDs in the Workplace.



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